Get access to thousands of products from top manufacturers with excellent credentials. We ensure that you have a huge range of products to offer to your customers through a completely automated inventory sourcing and management system. Optimize your operation from the initial sourcing to the final ordering process, giving you more time to focus on selling.

The fees vary in line with the number of products imported. The more you import, the higher fees. However, the more you import, the more sales you will do. Get full access to all the benefits at any level. There are no restrictions or limitations. You are directly charged on your Shopify invoice.

The app is available worldwide to all countries. Wherever you are, we got you covered.

We offer a free trial of 10 days so you can assess the huge benefits of the app. No limitations or restrictions during the trial period. Access the full benefits of the app.

You have access to all the products in the app at a 20% discount. Of course, you can sell them at the price you want. So, you can make more than 20% profit on any product.

You have access to all the products in the app. There are no restrictions or limitations.

You get full flexibility on the products to import. You can select to import a whole collection, one particular product, or all the products in one go. It is up to you what to import.

Each product in the app displays its inventory count below its picture to help you decide whether to import or not. Also, the inventory count is automatically synchronized with your Shopify store so you can monitor your inventory level at any time in Shopify directly.

First, it will be automatically marked as out-of-stock in your store to prevent your customer from buying it. On a regular basis, all out-of-stock products will automatically be removed from your store. You do not have anything to do, we take care of everything.

There is no minimum order.

Once you receive an order, the order will automatically appear in the “Orders” section. Click on the order button to proceed to checkout. To help you, the information of your customer will automatically be pre-filled as well as your email address (so all emails go to you, not your customer). Thus, just make payment. It’s simple and fast!

We add new products every month to be in line with the latest fashion trends. We do not add all products from our manufacturers. Our team analyses the fashion trends and then uploads only those products that are most likely to sell. Quality is our main focus, not quantity.

You can sell the products at the price you want. There is no price restriction. You decide your price.

Shipping is $4.99 to any country worldwide.

Depending on the location of your customer, delivery can take between 2 to 4 weeks. All shipments come with online tracking so you can track the product and provide access to your customer to track it too.

All our products are covered by our 15 Days Guarantee Policy. To learn more, click on https://jdst.biz/fashionpartnersshippingpolicy.

You can cancel at any time. Go to “My Account” in the app and click on “Delete All Products”. Then simply uninstall it from Shopify. All products will be removed from your store and your subscription will be canceled.

You can contact us via the app “Contact Us” section or chat with us (Mon to Sat). You can also drop us an email at info@jdstorefashionpartners.com and our team will get back to you.